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Because your home shouldn’t feel like this during the winter…
Contact Champion Forest AC to make sure your home’s heating system and furnace is in proper working condition before the cold weather arrives in the Houston area.
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November 19th Texans vs Cardinals at NRG.

Football is an American sport, who better to win a trip to the game than one who gave his or her time and life to make a difference in the country we love.

Please State branch, rank and any other info about your service to the US.

The deadline is Wednesday, November 15th by 4 pm. Winners need to pick tickets up in person and pose for a picture with staff.
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It’s Time to Schedule Professional Seasonal HVAC Maintenance!
Seasonal maintenance is essential to your home's heating and cooling system. Call Champion Forest A/C today @ 281-350-2665 and take a step in the right direction to caring for your HVAC system.
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Ductwork Insulation:

Keeping Ductwork Cool, Calm, and Collected During the Summer


Summer is upon us, temperatures in Houston have reached the triple digits, and your air conditioning unit is working hard to keep your house down to your desired temperature. In this blog, I’m going to discuss why properly insulated ductwork is important during these heat waves… almost as important as applying sun screen during the summer!

Existing leaks in ductwork can be your worst enemy… Let me explain: When the A/C unit kicks on, the regulated temperature is determined by the amount of energy consumed by the system. If the cold air is slowly leaking out of the existing piping designated to deliver this cool air to the rest of the house, you might as well be throwing money out the window.

The smallest leak in your ductwork usually means the unit has to run longer than necessary to reach the desired temperature set on the thermostat. Your unit will continue to overcompensate while trying to cool every nook and cranny of your home. This will push your system to the limit and use up tons of energy.

Replacing or repairing the ductwork insulation in your home helps keep it cool during the summer months and warm during the dead of winter. Cool air will spread from room to room a lot quicker, which means it won’t have to stay on for unnecessary long periods of time. The unit’s performance will increase, and you can rest easy at night in your nice (cool) home.

So how can you dramatically alter the efficiency of your unit (and keep your bank account from taking a hit)? Allow Champion Forest A/C & Heating to detect problem areas that are experiencing a large amount of air loss. Also, allowing us to repair or replace the insulation on your ducts can significantly reduce your energy bill. Call to schedule a time for a technician to drop by your home today!

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Champion Forest Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc