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An inefficient cooling system costs more to cool your home. If you notice your home is not as comfortable as in previous years, and your electricity bill continues to rise, it is time to evaluate your HVAC system. Give Champion Forest A/C a call today @ (281) 350-2665 to schedule your HVAC evaluation.
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Don’t know how to plan for this wonky Texas weather? We can’t change the weather, but we have your A/C and heater maintenance covered. Call Champion Forest A/C today at (281) 350-2665 to schedule professional seasonal maintenance.
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Just a friendly reminder from the gang at Champion Forest A/C-Make sure to change your A/C filters this spring. Chances are pollen is wreaking havoc all over your car, front porch and just about everything outdoors right now. Keep your A/C filters clean and the air quality in your home fresh. Contact us today @ (281) 350-2665 to schedule professional A/C maintenance.
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The Ultimate Decision for the Residential Customer: R-22 or R-410A?


By: Claudia Osorio

For several decades, R-22 has been the go-to refrigerant for the majority of the air conditioning industry. However, as most industry insiders and homeowners know, R-22 has become the topic of a heated debate around the globe. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, releasing R-22 in any form (e.g. leaks) results in the depletion of the ozone and since it’s a greenhouse gas, the manufacturing of this refrigerant creates a by-product known as HFC-23, which contributes significantly to global warming.

An agreement has been put in place to slowly begin phasing out the use of R-22 by the year 2020 in central A/C systems and heat pumps. No need to fret, though! An EPA acceptable substitute is R-410A, which does not deplete the ozone. However, R-410A does contribute to global warming. Various factors go into determining what is not harmful for humans and the environment, but as more alternative refrigerants are introduced, prices are steadily increasing for the use of R-22. This makes R-410A an agreeable choice when deciding what sort of ozone-friendly equipment to install in your home or business.

Here’s the bottom line: As the HVAC industry begins to slowly transition more towards R-410A in the coming years, you can expect to see a significant change in the efficiency of your system (and maybe your wallet, too!).  Champion Forest A/C & Heating technicians are well-equipped to answer all of your questions concerning this phase-out and transition.



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