About Us

Champion Forest Air Conditioning & Heating takes pride in every technician that provides you with service. We attempt to assign you as a client to a specific technician who if at all possible would return to your property thus having a better sense of your equipment and your needs. This gives you a personal relationship with your technician and sets your mind at ease while we are on your property. Our field staff lives and works in the area making our motto “We’re in the neighborhood” a true statement.


Letter from the President

It has been my pleasure to work and serve customers within the area of town I live, allowing me to have lasting business relationships with both residential and commercial customers. With Summer just around the corner now is the time to perform preventative maintenance to help prevent seasonal breakdown’s in the TEXAS heat. 

The last year has been full of changes with the government phasing out R-22 freon bringing in a cleaner freon in R-410. Yes, it has caused some friction in the fact that you need to change your evaporator coil when you change the outside condenser, however, it has given you options of upgrading your system to long term save you on electricity. We are all aware that your a/c is the primary electricity consumption in your home or business. 

With that being said, the government has allowed some rebates, and tax credits to go along with the installation of new a/c equipment. This has been a source of confusion and I hope that Champion Forest Air Conditioning & Heating has been an informational key to help you understand and feel secure in the decisions you have made. Should you still have questions or concerns, please contact our offices to give our staff a chance to help you decide on what system would best fit your needs. Thank you for your continued support an allowing us to remain in your area for over 20 years! 

 Ken Davis, President

Champion Forest Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc

Champion Forest Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc