Why Choose Us?

We Diligently Work To Earn Your Service

Our Customers Always Return

The success of our AC and heating business is built on the foundation of our loyal customers and their referrals. After working with us, new and returning customers repeatedly state: they will never choose another air conditioning company again; making us the #1 choice for local HVAC services. Customers such as Gene and Jeannie Juergens have been satisfied customers for over 40 years! We pride ourselves on our number of returning clients. It  speaks to the integrity of our company. When we say we sincerely care about our customers, we stand by it. 

As the newly formed Champion & Nash HVAC we will continue to deliver best in class service and add to our growing list of repeat customers!


Integrity by definition is the concept of consistency of actions, values,methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes. We do our best to build a strong rapport within our community, and it greatly shows through our work and from the satisfaction of our customers.  Quality of work and customer service, is the pillar of a family run company. 

Houston Local - Home-grown

Champion & Nash HVAC marks the coming together of two trusted, family-run HVAC companies who have served the Houston area for more than 40+ years. Together, we do things differently. We care about Houston, we care about Texas and most importantly, we care about you, the customer. And we service some of the largest churches, organizations and businesses in the community.

Knowledgeable Technicians

Champion & Nash HVAC technicians are EPA certified and registered to work in the state of Texas. Our technicians are experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the most efficient and up-to-date HVAC equipment.

Our technicians take the time to create a rapport with our customers and many request technicians by name. This speaks volumes about the quality of service our technicians provide and their character.

A few of our technicians were recently interviewed by the Houston Chronicle, employee Chris Turman said this; “When the job is done, and everybody’s happy, that’s the best part of it.”


Every decision at Champion & Nash HVAC is made in our customers’ best interest and what’s best for our environment. All of our technicians are EPA certified, and trained to recover refrigerant from all of the air conditioning units we service. Recovered refrigerant is placed into containers, instead of releasing it into the ozone. We do everything possible to keep our customers informed on energy saving tips to save the customer money, save energy and help protect the environment. We also offer items, such as thermostats, that you can buy from us that will help save money and energy.