Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans

Commercial HVAC Services

Our Overall Coverage Program is designed to meet the owners and operators’ objectives and guidelines. Our Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans, Overall Coverage Program, is a comprehensive priority service HVAC maintenance program designed to reduce your utility and repair cost.

Overall Coverage Program

  • Maintain comfort of your building

  • Minimize down time caused by failures

  • Decrease energy consumption

  • Protect the investment in your H.V.A. C. System

  • Ensure all work promised is completed

  • Highest quality service at the most reasonable price

  • Reduce emergency repairs

  • Increase equipment efficiency and lifespan

HVAC Maintenance

From multi-tenant complexes to church buildings, Champion Forest A/C & Heating will create the right Overall Coverage Program for your business and organization. Upon completion of every inspection we will provide you a comprehensive report listing work performed, defects found, and corrections and recommendations for corrective action.

We have partnered with CFAC over the last 3 years as our HVAC needs have grown past our ability to service them in house. Our experience during those 3 years has been nothing short of outstanding. We have completed several projects on the recommendation from Champion Forest that will save us thousands of dollars when it comes to our HVAC systems. CFAC recently installed a web-based control system for our buildings which is not only is projected to save thousands of energy dollars, but is does so with the ease of schedule implementation that provides a seamless transition of our units automatically coming on at the desired time and most importantly, being automatically turned off when that portion of our facilities is not being utilized.

CFAC has built a team that is professional and courteous as they meet the needs of our facilities on a monthly basis or at a moment’s notice when we have a unit down and it needs immediate attention. We could not be more pleased with the service and knowledgeable staff that CFAC has which allows us to focus on school issues and not facility problems.

We are grateful for our partnership with Ken and his staff. If you need assistance when it comes to your AC & heating needs, we would encourage you to choose CFAC. They make a difference!


John E Bohacek, Administrator of FCA

Champion Forest A/C & Heating Inc. has been our service provider for the last six years. This vendor understands church needs. They have exceptional response time and are literally available 24/7.

The knowledge and experience of their technicians has provided reliable service to our church over the years. Champion Forest A/C also played an integral part in the installation of our HVAC software interface with our master calendar which allows us to monitor our system remotely.

When Ken Davis presents a solution to an issue I am confident he has diligently researched it. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he has the church’s best interest at heart and that he has considered both the short term and long term effects.

I recommend you consider this proven vendor for your future HVAC needs.

Sharon Davis, Pastor of Administration

Knowing who to trust to service and maintain your air conditioning units is very important. I trust Champion Forest AC and Heating. Ken Davis and his staff are the best!

From the first call for service, the staff is always courteous and professional. The office alerts me when the technician is on the way. When the techs arrive, they are always friendly and professional. Tom and David are great. They take the time to be sure the job is done right.

Ken, Buddy and the rest of the team are dedicated and professional, and are not interested in doing something simply so they can bill you for it. Instead, they are committed to selling you the best possible system for your building. We installed a new thermostat system for our large building, and Buddy was extremely helpful in the installation and instructions for using the system.
Champion Forest A/C and Heating is easily the best HVAC company in the Houston/Spring area. If you need a HVAC company, you would be wise to choose them.

Julie Hughes, Office Manager Kinsmen Lutheran Church

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Champion Forest AC/Heating company. We have used this company for our air conditioning/heating needs since August of 2005 and have always been pleased with their service. Their employees are polite, respectful and very well-qualified. Ken Davis and all of his technicians are punctual and complete the task of maintaining and repairing our 20+ units in a timely manner. Everyone associated with the company is knowledgeable and quick to respond when units are unexpectedly not functioning correctly.

Kay Irvine, Resurrection Lutheran Church

When it was time for us to replace units we did our research to make sure we were good stewards…multiple bids…multiple references. We chose Champion Forest AC even though they were the lowest bid…by far…and their references were “too good to be true”. Our experience has been as good as the references said. From dealing with Ken to working with Joe and the other guys…very pleased

Chad Penne, First Church of the Nazarene

The excellent customer care received by your organization is rare and we wanted you to know how much we appreciate your efforts

Fallbrook Church

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Retro & New Parts

Even if you are not ready to install a new heating and cooling system, you can still get a lot more power and energy efficiency by upgrading parts of your HVAC system. Champion Forest Air Conditioning & Heating Commercial HVAC Services can help you upgrade your current system to improve air filtration, install zoning systems to provide improved temperature regulation or add a 2-stage compressor that increases energy efficiency.

Start-ups & Training

After installing or upgrading your HVAC system, Champion Forest Air Conditioning & Heating Commercial HVAC Services can help you ensure that employees are able to do basic maintenance and troubleshooting for your systems. This will help reduce downtime if there is a power failure or a common and easily resolved issue comes up.

Construction – New & Remodeling

Champion Forest Air Conditioning & Heating Commercial HVAC Services can help you design a new heating and cooling system for your new building or one that is being remodeled. It is important to consult a heating and cooling expert in these matters to ensure that air ducts are properly sized and airflow reaches all areas of your building. Further, determining your heating and cooling loads is essential to installing an HVAC system that is powerful enough to keep your building comfortable.

Routine Maintenance

No matter how energy efficient and powerful an HVAC system is, to keep it running smoothly, maintenance is essential. Champion Forest Air Conditioning & Heating Commercial HVAC Services offer maintenance plans to inspect and work on your heater and air conditioning systems and ensure that they provide powerful and inexpensive heating and cooling.

Equipment Repair

When your heater or air conditioning systems aren’t working properly, it can damage equipment and make employees miserable and less productive. Champion Forest Air Conditioning & Heating Commercial HVAC Services provides rapid and reliable HVAC equipment repair that gets the job done right the first time so that you aren’t losing money due to uncomfortable staff or inoperable equipment.

Annual Inspections

One of the best ways to ensure that your heating and cooling systems continue to work without problems is to have them inspected once a year. This allows us to check for developing mechanical issues and fix them before they become costly or damage other areas of your HVAC system.

Chillers – Centrifugal, Rotary, Scroll (Water & Air Cooled)

If you have a large facility, it is not always cost effective to use standard air conditioning units, which is where chillers are a great option. Chillers provide a low maintenance option for large cooling needs, and they are also used for large scale industrial cooling. We can help you determine if your needs are best met with a standard air conditioning system or a chiller.

Boilers – Firetube, Copperfin, Water Tube

Boilers are able to provide radiant heating, which is both more even and less noisy than heat generated by forced air systems. Boilers are able to provide hot water and heating for your building, and we are able to help you select the best system for your business.

Emergency Customer Care

If your heater or air conditioning system breaks down, you want someone out to resolve the problem immediately. For this reason, we offer round-the-clock repair services so that you have a rapid response to heating or cooling emergencies.