Commercial HVAC Services

Running a business is expensive enough without having to worry about high costs due to HVAC repairs and excessive power bills from inefficient equipment. Champion & Nash HVAC offers commercial HVAC services to install and maintain your heating and cooling systems to ensure they provide you worry-free service.HVAC

Routine Maintenance

No matter how energy efficient and powerful an HVAC system is, maintenance is essential to keep it running smoothly, and efficiently. Champion & Nash HVAC offers commercial service and maintenance plans to inspect and work on your heater and air conditioning systems and ensure that they provide powerful and inexpensive heating and cooling.

Retro & New Parts

Even if you are not ready to install a new heating and cooling system, you can still get a lot more power and energy efficiency by upgrading parts of your  system. Champion & Nash HVAC commercial services can help you upgrade your current system to improve air filtration, install zoning systems to provide improved temperature regulation or add a 2-stage compressor that increases energy efficiency.

Annual Inspections

One of the best ways to ensure that your heating and cooling systems continue to work without problems is to have them inspected once a year. This allows us to check for developing mechanical issues and fix them before they become costly or damage other areas of your HVAC system.

Start-ups & Training

After installing or upgrading your HVAC system, Champion & Nash HVAC commercial services can help ensure that your employees are able to do basic maintenance and troubleshooting for your systems. This will help reduce downtime if there is a power failure or a common and easily resolved issue comes up.

Equipment Repair

When your heater or air conditioning systems aren’t working properly, it can damage equipment and make employees miserable and less productive. Our Champion & Nash HVAC commercial services provides rapid and reliable HVAC equipment repair that gets the job done right the first time so that you aren’t losing money due to uncomfortable staff or inoperable equipment.

Boilers – Firetube, Copperfin, Water Tube

Boilers are able to provide radiant heating, which is both more even and less noisy than heat generated by forced air systems. Boilers are able to provide hot water and heating for your building, and we are able to help you select the best system for your business.

Construction – New & Remodeling

Champion & Nash HVAC commercial services can help you design a new heating and cooling system for your new building or one that is being remodeled. It is important to consult a heating and cooling expert in these matters to ensure that air ducts are properly sized and airflow reaches all areas of your building. Further, determining your heating and cooling loads is essential to installing an HVAC system that is powerful enough to keep your building comfortable.

Chillers – Centrifugal, Rotary, Scroll (Water & Air Cooled)

If you have a large facility, it is not always cost effective to use standard air conditioning units, which is where chillers are a great option. Chillers provide a low maintenance option for large cooling needs, and they are also used for large scale industrial cooling. We can help you determine if your needs are best met with a standard air conditioning system or a chiller.

Emergency Customer Care

If your heater or air conditioning system breaks down, you need someone to resolve the problem immediately. For this reason, we offer round-the-clock repair services so that you have a rapid response to heating or cooling emergencies.