Spring and Fall Tune Ups

Summer has arrived in Texas, your air conditioning unit goes out or stops blowing cold air and starts expending warm air, and you think to yourself, “It’s the end of the world, and I know it.” Luckily for you, this whole scenario can be avoided with some preemptive measures. Most air conditioning and heating businesses such as Champion & Nash HVAC, provide services called “spring and fall A/C & heating tune ups.” What’s the point of all this? What do I as a customer get out of all this?

You may be thinking to yourself that A/C and heating checks aren’t that important and are unnecessary, but it’s actually quite the contrary. Most businesses offer this as a way to help the customer so they don’t end up spending more money later on down the road. Just as you would have your car’s oil changed by a mechanic, it is highly recommended to have your complete air conditioning system checked as well. By doing so, you will increase the life of your A/C unit greatly and if a particular piece of hardware is about to fail, the technician can catch it before it fails. It is always better to be proactive in life than reactive.

Dirty-Coil_New Here is a recent picture (8/23/2013) of a evaporator coil that was neglected and not properly maintained. This is a combination of cat hair and other build up.

  • Another proactive measure to making sure your equipment doesn’t fail and is working at peak performance is by maintaining your A/C system yourself. Surprisingly, there are a few things a homeowner can do without calling a technician. One of the biggest things a customer can do to ensure that their A/C system is running at peak performance is to take your water hose and wash your coil at least 2 times a year and replacing your filters every 3-4 months. By washing your coil and replacing your filters, you are cleaning out all the dirt, dust, grass and any other kind of nasty build up your filters and outside condenser coil may have accumulated over the long year. This allows your air conditioning system to breathe much more easily, increasing the life expectancy of your system. However sometimes the cleaning process requires cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly. At Champion & Nash HVAC our professionals are properly trained to ensure your maintenance and cleaning are done properly.

The main drain line is located in your attic near your furnace (typically). Performing a simple proactive cleaning will get rid of any kind of nasty gunk that may have been building up in your drain lines. By not doing this, your drain lines may start to build up algae and could cause leaks within the ceilings of your house causing water damage to your home.

Now that we have discussed some of the benefits of having spring and fall checks done to your air conditioning system, as well as maintaining it yourself, let’s talk about some of the consequences of not doing so. First, air conditioning systems do not last forever as much as we may want them to. Over the years, just normal wear and tear from everyday use will cause certain pieces of hardware to fail. It is better to replace a small piece of hardware instead of your entire air conditioning unit. If a part of your system begins to fail it can still allow your air conditioning system to run but not at peak performance or at the performance, causing other pieces of hardware to fail. This can begin a snowball effect, which can ultimately force you to replace the entire system.

Let’s review the facts about spring and fall A/C and heating checks:

  • Getting your air conditioning system checked at least twice a year by your local air conditioning company can increase the life expectancy of your equipment.
  • It can save you money.
  • Relieves future stress from problems that may occur further down the road.
  • Prepares you for the summer and winter months.
  • Ensures your equipment is running at maximum efficiency.
  • Find problems before they get worse.

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