Money Savings with Smart AC Thermostats

Thermostats for your homes ac units are the one piece of equipment that people think doesn’t need to be upgraded. On the contrary, it does. Why does upgrading your thermostat matter?

A new HVAC thermostat can save you roughly $180 dollars a year. These upgraded thermostats can conserve energy and save you money by automatically adjusting the temperature when you’re not home. Some thermostats allow you to adjust temperatures remotely, thus allowing you to come home to a cool home. You may also adjust the temperature settings while away from the house for all of us pet owners. Remember, pets are part of the family and we want to keep them comfortable too.

Thermostat readout.

Another cool feature that newer thermostats have is a “filter change reminder.” This cool feature will give you a notification when the furnace or air conditioning filter needs to be changed based on elapsed time. This is an excellent feature that will not only remind you of when to change your filters, but will also increase the longevity of your air conditioning system. Changing your filters every 3-4 months will allow your AC system to breathe easier, thus allowing for better airflow and efficiency. Click HERE to read more about air filters and their importance.

Start Saving Today With an Energy Saving Thermostat!

Due to safety precautions, it is highly recommended that you call us to handle your installation. The average cost to install a new thermostat is approximately $100 – $170. Click HERE to schedule an appointment with Champion & Nash AC and Heating.

One of the many questions customers ask their technicians, regardless if they are installing a new thermostat or not, is “What is a good temperature to leave my air conditioning at when I’m at home and when I’m not home?” While most technicians will tell you to set it at a temperature that you feel comfortable, it’s different in every state. In the State of Texas we recommend 78-82 degrees when you are not home and 72-74 degrees when you are home, during the Texas summer.

Be sure not to raise the temperature too high when you leave home. This could cause your AC unit to work overtime to pull the heat out of your house in order to cool it to your preferred comfort temperature once you arrive at home. If your air conditioning system is working overtime, it is not being energy efficient, thus costing you more money.

Some of the most common problems with AC units, such as not cooling or turning on properly, have simple fixes that you, the homeowner, can do yourself. This includes changing your filters, washing your condenser coil and replacing the batteries in your thermostat. Most thermostats have a low battery indicator on the display screen to remind you. The optimum schedule would be to replace the batteries every fall before the heating season. It is only recommended to change the batteries on your thermostat once a year.

The facts:

  1. Upgrading your thermostat can help save you roughly $180 a year
  2. Newer thermostats will increase the longevity of your A/C unit
  3. Don’t set your thermostat to high; everything retains heat in your home
  4. Change your batteries once a year